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Data Protection Regulation update: May 2014

Updated version of joint statement

I have updated the joint statement to reflect European Parliament plenary vote in March and new signatories. The new version is attached and is also available on our website. Please feel free to link the document and share it with your stakeholders.



We have recently had useful meetings with key individuals across the Parliament, Council and Commission. It was clear from these meetings that our concerns around research are being heard, although it is not yet clear what impact this will have. We will continue to engage with the three institutions as the dossier progresses.


Legislative process

Parliament has adopted its position ahead of the next stage of the process. Parliament’s position includes the amendments that would have a severe impact on research if adopted. However, there is a considerable way to go in the legislative process and there are still opportunities to ensure these amendments do not make it into the final text.


The progress of the Regulation is expected to continue after the Parliament elections this month. However, the elections may affect the key MEPs working on this dossier. I will update you on any changes after the elections.


The Council (composed of the Member States) is yet to agree its position on the Regulation. The Council working group is continuing to meet to discuss the Regulation. The Greek Presidency is aiming to reach a partial general approach on the Regulation by June 2014, to enable them to enter negotiations with Parliament after the summer. However, it seems unlikely that they will meet this deadline, in which case they will continue discussions until they can agree their approach.


Once Council have adopted their position, they can enter trialogue discussions with the Parliament and Commission to try and agree a compromise text.



The timescales for the rest of the process are uncertain. However, the process is not likely to be completed until some time in 2015.

Fecha de publicación: 16/05/2014