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EUPHA supports WHO evidence-based publication on electronic cigarettes

EUPHA supports WHO evidence-based publication on electronic cigarettes


Embargo: 00.01 Friday 5 September, GMT


The European Public Health Association (EUPHA), representing 14’000 public health professionals in 40 countries, strongly supports the evidence-based position taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) following publication of its report on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), more commonly known as electronic cigarettes. EUPHA shares the concerns expressed by the WHO about the safety of these products and endorses the WHO´s call for regulations to:

·         Impede e-cigarette promotion to non-smokers and young people;

·         Minimize potential health risks to e-cigarette users and nonusers;

·         Prohibit unproven health claims about e-cigarettes; and

·         Protect existing tobacco control efforts from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry.

In particular, it expresses its full support for WHO´s call to regulate:

·         Advertising, with an appropriate government body restricting e-cigarette advertising, promotion and sponsorship, to ensure that it does not target youth and non-smokers or people who do not currently use nicotine.

·         Legislation on Indoor use to end use of e-cigarettes indoors in public and work places. Evidence suggests that exhaled e-cigarette aerosol increases the background air level of some toxicants, nicotine and particles.

For further information, please contact:

Prof. Walter Ricciardi, EUPHA president

Prof. Martin McKee, EUPHA president-elect

At office@eupha.org



Available at: http://www.eupha.org/site/publications.php


WHO report: http://www.who.int/nmh/events/2014/backgrounder-e-cigarettes/en/


See also: http://www.fph.org.uk/who_approach_to_e-cigarettes_good_news_for_children%E2%80%99s_health%2c_says_fph




Fecha de publicación: 11/09/2014